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PowerPoint 2013

This page is not an exhaustive list of changes in PowerPoint 2013, but here are some of the highlights

The start screen

PowerPoint 2013 shares the new Modern-style interface with the other office applications including a new Start screen. The blank presentation you started with in PowerPoint 2010 is no more, instead this screen is packed with options including a range of templates


PowerPoint Themes are slide designs that have been designed for you. They have been simplified in 2013 and can be found on the Start screen and the new Design tab. On the Start screen you can click a Theme, preview it, and scroll through previews of the Title, Content, Smart Chart and Photo layout before deciding to use one

New formatting tools

In this version of PowerPoint you no longer need to move or close dialogs to continue working. The new task panes can be accessed while you are performing a task. For example, right-click a shape and choose Format Shape to see the available options for a shape in the task pane. Click a picture and the task pane changes to show picture formatting options. These are not new options, but they are much easier to access and use

Presenter View

Presenter View was available in earlier versions of PowerPoint, but your computer only had one monitor you couldn't use it. Now you can access Presenter View Alt + F5 even with one monitor


The new Comments feature will make it easier to discuss your slideshow with collaborators. When a comment is added, it stays in a Comments task pane down the right of the screen.

Improved Video and Audio compatibility

PowerPoint 2013 supports additional video and audio formats so it's more likely videos and audio will play in your presentations without you needing to install additional codecs

Easier to import video into a Presentation

The new Video button on the Insert tab includes an option that let you search for a video online source and drop it into your deck without having to save it to your computer

Working with the Cloud

PowerPoint can integrate with online data and services. You can present a deck stored in the cloud or on your PC to the Web in real time. To use the new Office Presentation Service, choose File, Share, Present Online. You can also allow attendees to download the presentation to their own PC

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