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Remote Desktop Services

This service is no longer available. It has been replaced with the Workspace service.

Workspace - secure, virtual access (

(Please note: this is not the same as a Remote connection to your own computer on campus.)

Microsoft's Remote Desktop Service (RDS) is used at The University of Warwick to provide remote access to a defined set of applications, subject to permissions granted by application owners.Typically the RDS service is used to allow an un-managed device (Windows/Mac/Linux) to access the applications from off-campus or on-campus. It can also be used to allow managed desktops (typically laptops) access if required.

Users of the RDS service will only be able to see applications to which they have specifically been granted RDS access.

Currently the applications available are:

The Remote Desktop Service can be accessed from Windows, Linux or Mac computers.


Using SAP and SITS from the RDS service

  1. To access either SAP or SITS on RDS you will need to have login credentials for that application already. These are obtained from here for SITS and here for SAP.
  2. When using applications via RDS, you should only use your H: drive to save or import files.

Printing from the RDS service

  1. Printing is possible from Windows, Linux and Mac computers.
  2. The printers that appear in the "Print" window will be the ones installed on your computer. The only difference is that they will be re-named with a "redirected" suffix.
  3. When printing from a Linux or Mac computer, the driver that the RDS Service will choose may not exactly match the physical printer, and this means that some printer functionality may not be available.

VPN Connection

You do NOT need to use the VPN to connect to the RDS service. The RDS service will still work if you DO connect to the VPN, but this is neither necessary nor recommended.