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Mac Users

Please Note that the information contained on this page relates to the service described here.

Mac users must use the Remote Desktop option. The RemoteApp option is not available on a Mac.

Obtain Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client

If you do not already have the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client you can download it from You need to get version 2 of the client or later.

Please Note: On some newer versions of MacOS ( 10.7 and later) the older client can be problematic. A newer version of the client is available as a download from the iTunes app store, version 8.0.33 (follow the link here:

How to connect

Launch the client and in the Computer field enter


and click Connect.

Enter your user name and password, and set Domain to ads.


then click OK.

You may see this warning:


If so, chose to Connect anyway.

You remote desktop session should now be launched and you can access SITS and SAP from the Start Menu.


Ending your session

After shutting down your application in the usual way, you can then end the remote desktop session be selecting Logoff from the start menu.


Printers set up on your Mac machine will be available for use from the Remote Desktop environment. Note the following limitations to the printing function:

  • It will not be possible to select advanced printer features such as bins, staplers etc.
  • Only basic printing, such as screen prints from SITS, is supported.

Connecting from off campus

If you wish to use Remote Desktop Services from off campus, you will need to first connect to the campus network using the VPN Service.