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Accessing RDS using Remote Desktop

Please Note that the information contained on this page relates to the service described here.

Run the Remote Desktop Connection client. A box like the one below will open:


2. Enter and click Connect.

If you need to connect off campus this is where the extra steps in the section below need to take place.

3. You will now be prompted for login credentials. Enter your normal username and password.


A full remote desktop session will be launched.

4. Click on an application folder to expand it. The partial screenshot below illustrates this.


5. Click the application you wish to open.

This will launch the application within the desktop session.

The screenshot below shows what this looks like.


To logout of the session.

1. Close the application in the normal manner.

2. Click "Start" and then click the "Log Off tab" shown below.


What if I am off Campus?

Off-campus connections to the RDS service are made via the Remote Desktop gateway. Using the RD gateway ensures that communication between the desktop and server is encrypted over TCP port 443.

When using Remote Desktop to make your connection from a Windows workstation, there is an additional step needed.

In the earlier section "Accessing RDS using Remote Desktop", include the following additional steps:

1a. After entering and clicking Connect (step 2. above) click on the options tab.

The following window opens:


2a. Click the "Advanced" tab:


3a. Click "settings":


4a. Enter the settings shown in the screenshot below:


5a. Click "OK".

From this point on continue from step 3. in the above section: "Accessing RDS using Remote Desktop".