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The netbook image

The netbook image differs from that provided for a laptop or desktop. It is a much less poweful device than a current desktop or laptop and is intended as a supplementary device. The advantages associated with a netbook are:

  1. Price - apart from the more specialist machines, Netbooks are becoming the cheapest PC platform.
  2. Small Size making it easy to use on the desk.
  3. Very Light - weighs a Kilo or less, which is a bag of sugar. A standard laptop weighs at least 2 or 3 kilos, sometimes more.
  4. Portability on account of its small size and weight
  5. Longer Battery Life most netbooks have good battery life.

These advantages make a netbook a useful tool when travelling. It can do most of the things a laptop can do as long as the lower performance is acceptable.

What do you get?

A Windows 7 32 bit image is available for the netbook and can be installed by the Deskside team. The image contains all the software required to operate the netbook, and in addition Microsoft Office is installed and Kaspersky anti-virius software. An account is created to login to the netbook and e-mail is configured.

No other support is provided.

IT is important to NOTE that:

Applications are not delivered to the netbook, centrally stored data is not available automatically, and there is no pre-installed mechanism to print to the networked printers.