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Staff Level 6 - 9

What is level 6 - 9 Staff Category?

For staff in posts graded level 6 to 9, when you view the course directory a green square indicates this provision is aimed at you.

In levels 6 to 9, you can expect to find courses aimed at staff who are:

  • in administrative “professions” such as Finance, HR, IT, librarian, careers or legal
  • middle and senior managers of administrative functions

Is it the right course for me?

The 'Planning your development' pages will help you identify your training and development needs and choose a course of the appropriate topic and level.

If you are browsing our course directory for sessions suitable for level 6 to 9 staff, then you will find that each of our courses is defined according to the stage you are at in your career, or the level of previous experience you bring.