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Line Managers Guide to the Programme

"It's important to us as a learning institution that we develop ourselves and look to the future. This eight month programme is designed for those who have the potential to be senior leaders to equip them with the knowledge, tools and techniques that they will need" Rachel Sandby-Thomas, Registrar

The short (20 minute) video below provides an online 'Manager Briefing' describing the key aspects involved in supporting participants across the programme.

Please note that due to a small technical issue you may find that the sound only plays through the left-hand side of any headphones.

This year’s iteration of the Warwick Administrative Management Programme provides a development opportunity for our most capable colleagues at grade 6 or 7, in professional service roles in central or academic departments. It is typically aimed at those with line management roles although is also appropriate for those with significant leadership roles who are required to collaborate with and deliver through others in a matrix environment. It is not aimed at academic, teaching focussed or research focussed staff.

Individuals should be performing well in their current role and more importantly show potential and the desire to progress to future roles within the University within the next 1-3 years.

Successful participants will be selected on the basis of the calibre of their application and the need to achieve a spread of participants across all areas of the University. Where more than one nomination is put forward by a department, these must be prioritised by the appropriate Head of Group or Head of Department before submitting them to the Learning and Development Centre (LDC) by the deadline date of 4 July.

When considering potential applications for this iteration of the programme, it would be useful to think through the development and performance conversations you have had with individuals in terms of their current objectives, performance levels, learning needs and career aspirations. Consideration should also be given to alternative or complementary development options which may be more appropriate for some individuals.

Learning needs can often be best met through taking part in a range of non-workshop interventions such as: shadowing more experienced colleagues, project work, taking on enhanced responsibilities in a particular area, obtaining more regular coaching and feedback 'on the job' from Line Managers.

Details of a wide range of alternative learning interventions can be found on the LDC site.

Consider specifically how is the individual:


  • Are they doing their job to the standards agreed within their job description, role profile and Development and Performance Review objectives consistently over and above the level required?


  • Are they demonstrating the ability and attitude to potentially perform in more complex environments/ roles at Warwick.
  • Is there evidence of latent capability?

Career Aspirations:

  • Do they have the desire to continually stretch their performance?
  • Do they want to make a difference to a project/the Department/Warwick?
  • Are they focused on developing themselves?
  • Do they have the ambition to progress?

Current Learning Needs:

  • What specifically does the individual need to learn/develop in order to enhance their performance in their current role and to capitalise on their potential?
  • What are the next steps towards the individual achieving their aspirations?
  • What learning intervention(s) are most appropriate given the above?
  • Based on the overall objectives of the WAMP programme and individual workshop objectives, is WAMP appropriate for this individual at this point in time?

Line Managers should note that they are required to actively support participants throught the programme. This will involve ensuring that participants can attend ALL sessions and by committing time to have regular performance conversations and provide on-going support and challenge to embed learning in the workplace.

A briefing session will be made available to those who are new to the role of supporting WAMP participants as they progress through the programme.

Competition for places is likely to be strong and so both participants and their line managers should ensure that they are willing and able to commit to the level of attendance and the approach required before applying for the programme.

If WAMP is the appropriate development programme for an individual please discuss this with them and together, complete the nomination form (Word Document)

When nominating an individual, it is vital that they are able to attend all aspects of the programme for the cohort selected.

Please contact if you wish to discuss any aspect of the application process