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Researching from Design: enhancing the research process using ideas and practices from the design industry

This is an informal session that will discuss the use of the term 'design thinking' and its applicability to educational and academic activities.

Who is it for?

Research staff and postgraduate research students (Masters Research and PhD) from all faculties.

Content The term 'design thinking' is increasingly being used to designate an interconnected set of practices used in a wide range of domains to enhance and accelerate collective design activities and problem solving. My research is investing how these approaches might be applied to educational and academic activities. This session will explore the conceptual and practical aspects of 'design thinking', as well as exploring the potential links with new ideas in social science (Bruno Latour), cognitive science (Andy Clark), and philosophy (Gilles Deleuze).
What will I get out of this?

An understanding of the practicalities and theoretical links behind 'design thinking'. Ideas on how you can use these approaches in your own work.

Led by Robert O'Toole, Warwick Institute of Education

Contact Dr. Donna Carroll or ext. 23251, Warwick Library.


Where & when? 

Friday May 28th,
1.00 to 2.00pm,
The Wolfson Research Exchange, Main Library

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