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Create innovations that fit, stick, spread and grow - a guide to embedding design thinking into your working practices

This session will focus upon the roles that you and your team members may play in continually improving and innovating in all kinds of university activities.

The Design Thinking movement aims to enhance the design capabilities of individuals, teams and organisations, so that they may more easily achieve solutions that: fit with their needs, capabilities and values; stick in use for a reasonable length of time; spread to other people and applications; grow further capability for enhancement and innovation.

Design Thinking applies insights from the design industry and academic research to identify ways of thinking, acting and organising ourselves that allow us to achieve these ends, embedding designerliness into our communities and our spaces – both physical and digital.

Who is it for?

Everyone with an interest in designing learning, teaching and the student experience – including students who are involved in the SU, SSLCs and academic societies.

Session Objectives:

Learn about the design thinking process, through which we: critically-creatively reflect on current designs and practices; formulate design challenges and design briefs; engage in open-minded exploration of new practices and technologies; develop sufficient understanding so as to make informed design decisions; prototype and test design ideas; adopt and adapt into practice; contribute experiences to develop the platforms and communities; further develop design capability.

We will focus upon four key roles that enable this process of continual innovation and improvement: informed advocate; technical facilitator; creative-critical friend; design participant – What do they do? How do they fit together in the design thinking process? How can we help people to perform these roles effectively alongside their full-time roles? How can we reward such contributions?


Led by

Robert O'Toole, NTF

Questions? Contact:Jane Cooper,, ext 24893, Learning and Development Centre
Where & when? 


Tuesday 13th March 2018
Time: 12:30pm-1:30pm

Venue: CMR1.0, University House

Light refreshments on arrival

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