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Career Planning Summary

In this workshop you have had the opportunity to

Identify your career motivations and values tickbox
Assess your skills and identify skill gaps tickbox.gif
Consider how you can broaden your horizons in terms of career possibilities tickbox.gif
Identify realistic short-term and long-term career goals tickbox.gif
Plan the steps you are going to take to achieve your goals tickbox.gif

You may want to talking to your family, friend and/or colleagues about your values and skills. For example can your colleagues help you identify other skills that you haven't already identified. Do your family and friends agree with the values you have identified. Are you being realistic with your action planning goals, do you need to refine any of your plans?

Your Next Steps


    The next steps on the career development cycle are making applications and getting experience.

    To make an effective application you will need to have an outstanding CV, covering letter and/or application form. You will also need to prepare for the interview and/or assessment centre.

    You could talk to your line manager, colleagues and the careers consultants about the opportunities for getting experience in your chosen area. Don't forget that job shadowing and volunteering could also give you valuable experience.

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