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Career planning

Careers Resource Page

We have been working to enhance our provision of careers information for staff, and here you will find signposting to some further links to enable you to explore your areas of interest. We intend to continue to develop this provision and hope you find these improvements useful.

The activities throughout can be completed in sequence or individually. They are designed to assist you in reviewing where you are and what you need to do to successfully achieve your career change. Where possible we have indicated roughly how long the activity will take to complete.

Some pages are password protected. To access, please choose sign in to web sign-on and enter your User ID and password.

How Warwick Works: Shadowing & Development Scheme for Academics

The application process for 2018/19 will be open from 9 to 31 October 2018.

One aspect of preparing academics for the possible next steps in leadership is providing opportunities for relevant and accurate understanding of what senior roles involve. How Warwick Works aims to support the career development of colleagues currently at Professor or Senior Associate Professor level (or equivalent on teaching only or research only contracts) in a leadership role within their department.