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Progressing your Career at Warwick

This resource is aimed primarily at non-academic and research staff. Information on progression and promotion for academic staff can be found at:

What do we mean by career progression at Warwick?

For some people, it may mean getting another job, at a higher grade with more or different responsibility in the University

For others, it may mean making a sideways move or sometimes downsizing to gain broader or new experience, to give themselves the chance to change career at the University.

And for others, it may mean enhancing your skills in your current job in preparation for a career move some time ahead.

Whichever route you choose to develop your career, it’s important to remember that the only person who will make this happen is you!

Here are a series of stages you can work through to achieve your aspirations:

 Capturing your skills

You need to know and be able to provide evidence of your skills. Capturing them will be an invaluable resource for application forms, CVs and interviews.
You may also discover you have many more skills than you thought.

 Use the Skills Matrix (Word Document)
Following the Instructions (Word Document), identify your skills.
Your skills can be evidenced through both the jobs that you've done as well as interests you may have or things you've done in your spare time.

When describing your experiences and skills, use dynamic vocabulary to emphasise your attributes.

 Evidencing your skills

It is not enough simply to identfiy your skills, you have to be able to package these skills well for potential employers.