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Improving your Skills

How do I get the experience and development I need to make my CV a good match for my next job?

Once you know what gaps there are between what you can offer now and the person specification for the job you would like, then you can start planning how to fill those gaps.

It’s worth asking friends or colleagues to check that you haven’t missed useful skills and experience when you’re matching yourself to a person specification or role descriptor.

If you think that you need some experience or some skills development to help you strengthen an application, then you might find it helpful to use the Planning Your Development tool to work out the best way of getting the development you need.

At this point, it’s worth talking to your manager or Head of Department about what opportunities there could be for you to get vital experience. This could be, for example, having a role in a project that will give you experience of managing a budget, or work shadowing someone to learn how they run meetings or choosing some reading that will allow you to learn about a particular area of work that you don’t know very well.

There will be opportunities for you to learn outside of work as well. Volunteering can, for example, be a good way to acquire some leadership experience if your next job move will be into a supervisory or management role, and this will complement any other work experience, such as project working, that you can acquire.