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Learning from the experience

If you don’t get the job you want at the first attempt, then it’s important not to give up. These things may help you:

  1. Ask the recruiter for feedback on why you weren’t shortlisted or appointed. Feedback can be hard to hear, but unless you know what it was that held you back from being appointed, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to present a better case for yourself next time
  2. Go back to the point where you started and ask yourself if you chose to apply for a job that matched what you want and what you can offer.
  3. Ask experienced colleagues or friends to help you practice your CV writing or interview skills if this is what held you back.
  4. Be prepared to be flexible. Are you setting your sights too high? Or too specifically? Are you missing opportunities by being too prescriptive?

And finally, remember that career progression is a competitive business. There will be many others after the same opportunities as you.

Continuing to think through your options, prepare yourself for job opportunities and learn from experience will increase your chances of getting the role you’re looking for.