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What do I want to do next?

If you’re reading this, then the chances are you’re already thinking that you want to move into another role at the University.

It is worth beginning by considering some key questions. Your annual review meeting with your line manager or Head of Department is also a good opportunity to talk about your career options. You don’t have to wait for the meeting in order to start this conversation- you can ask to talk about career aspirations during the year. You may find it helpful to start with these questions:

  • How fulfilled/satisfied am I with my current job? What do I enjoy and find rewarding? What don’t I enjoy or find rewarding? Why do I think this is?
  • What other factors (for example, my environment both at work or at home, my working relationships or my interest in what I am doing now) are influencing my desire for a change of role?

Once you have considered these questions, you should have some clear ideas on what is prompting you to move. Sometimes, this will be less about promotion and more about realising that you want to be working in a different role.