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Careers Information for Staff

General Resources

Complete a free Type Dynamics (MBTI) profile and Values questionnaires with reports- follow the instructions in this PDF for students AND staff

A series of free questionnaires with accompanying reports by Dr Martin Seligman, Psychologist, focusing on strengths, values and happiness

For £12.00 staff can complete CAPP’s Strengths questionnaire and receive a report

National Careers Service

Guardian Careers Practical help

Windmill Programme Are you in the right job, if not why?

Do it Volunteering experience

Unitemps Paid work experience Paid work experience

Developing self and career Learning & Development Centre resources

Warwick Careers Blog

MyPortfolio An easy to use repository for all personal career information


Vacancies at Warwick

Education Sector Jobs

Retirement Advice and Information

Retirement case study

Interview Guidance

Prospects CV and cover letters explained with examples

Prospects Interview advice

LinkedIn Online careers networking and jobs

Going Global International opportunities and advice

Academic CV Example

Short Videos and Job Applications

Research Active Staff Resources from the Resource Bank



Interviews (1)

Interviews (2)