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Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching and mentoring are potentially valuable processes to help someone to enhance their performance, improve working relationships, develop their capability or manage their career. An effective coach or mentor creates a relationship which enables the other to discuss the important issues that matter to them at work. Coaching or mentoring can be particularly effective because the conversations can be tailored to the precise challenges facing the individual today. The support of a coach or mentor complements rather than replaces the support of a line manager.

  • If you are interested in having another member of staff act as a coach or mentor to support your development – or if you would like to be a coach or mentor - see the Warwick Coaching and Mentoring Scheme for more details.
  • If you are a manager or head of department who would like one of their staff to receive coaching to help them change a practice or behaviour, see the Three Way Coaching page.
  • If you would like training, we have created a new blended and flexible learning approach which will introduce individuals to coaching and mentoring skills. You will first complete an online introductory course on Moodle and then attend the 2 hour follow-up workshop. This will provide you with the opportunity to learn the key points at your convenience before trying out what you have learned in an active workshop. Further details can be found on the Coaching and Mentoring Skills workshop page.
  • If you would like to develop your skills in much more depth see the Centre for Lifelong Learning's Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Click here if you would like information on the Returning Parents' Mentoring Scheme