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Coaching and Mentoring application form

Please return the completed nomination form - to either provide or receive coaching/mentoring - to Sandra Hill, Learning and Development Centre, University House or by email sandra dot hill at warwick dot ac dot uk

As far as possible, line manager approval should be sought prior to applying for a coach/mentor under this scheme. However, if this is an issue, your application will still be accepted to support your development, but please be mindful of using work time for meetings.

Privacy statement:

Please note that all coaching and mentoring arrangements remain confidential and any reporting on the scheme does not include names or individually identifying information. For those requesting coaching or mentoring, personal details included on the application form are used only to support the matching process and are only retained for the duration of the paired relationship. For those volunteering to be a coach/mentor, the details submitted are retained on a secure spreadsheet to support effective pairing with individuals, for the duration of volunteer status on the scheme.