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Erasmus Staff Training - The process

Before you apply

If you are interested in benefiting from Erasmus Staff Training Funds, you will need to discuss the opportunity with your line manager. You will need the written support of your department for your application form so it is important that you are able to identify the business benefits of your visit.

After agreeing the purpose of your trip with your line manager, you should identify the institution or enterprise you wish to visit. You can source a placement in a variety of different ways, through existing contacts, through an Institution's Erasmus co-ordinator or by contacting the department you wish to work in directly. The European Association of Erasmus Co-ordinators maintains a database showing some opportunities which can be found on the website.

Application Process 

Stage One
Once you have made contact with the institution and agreed in principle that you would be able to visit, you should complete an application form, either online, available below, or request one in hard copy by contacting Amanda Ashby or on ext 23705.

Application form - Word (Word Document)  Pdf (PDF Document)

Please send your completed application form to:
Helen Ireland, Learning & Development Centre

or via email to: Amanda Ashby or on ext 23705.

CLOSING DATE: Monday 31st January 2011.

We will inform colleagues of the outcome of their application by the beginning of February 2011. This year, 10 placements will be offered, with a number of colleagues offered waiting list places in the event that one of the 10 successful candidates cannot undertake their placement.

The Learning and Development Centre will award funding to staff who can clearly show how the opportunity will enhance their skill set and improve their performance at work. Where demand is high, priority will be given to staff from departments who have hosted (or agreed to host) a return visitor from Europe.

Stage Two
If your application is successful, you will be asked to sign the Staff Training Mobility Contract.

After your visit

When you return to the UK you will complete a Staff Report Form, detailing the activities you undertook and evaluating your experience. Your host will also sign the Staff Training Completion Certificate.

You will also need to provide receipts for all expenditure (to the values stated here) so that you can be reimbursed.


Identify an opportunity abroad

Liaise with your line manager

Submit application form
Deadline 31st January 2011 

Request approved
Week commencing 7th February 2011

Finalising the details of your placement with the International Office
By 1st March 2011 

Spend one week improving your skills at an HEI or enterprise in Europe
Before 31st July 2011 

Submit Receipted Expenses
On return and within 3 months of incurring the expenses at the latest

Complete Report Form
Within 2 weeks of return

Receive expenses
4 weeks after submission of claim

You must have completed your placement before 31st July 2011



With the support of the Commission of European Communities within the framework of the LLP Erasmus Programme.