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David Lees: Department of French Studies

David teaches on a wide range of modules in the department spanning French politics, language, history and culture. He is involved in a variety of teaching roles, including the delivery of lectures as well as small group teaching. In 2012-13, he is leading an introductory first-year module on French culture and history.

David's teaching philosophy is shaped around the notion that teaching does not exist in isolation; rather, lectures and seminars should seek to combine elements of language learning with historical and cultural enquiry.

At the same time, David places an emphasis on student participation and interaction in the belief that students can subsequently develop their transferable skill set through harnessing their communication and presentation techniques.

Aiming to inspire and engage, he uses innovative methods to encourage student participation in both seminars and lectures, including the use of film and of authentic materials (posters, newspaper articles, archival texts). David believes strongly in making complex topics accessible for all students, and he has recently experimented with combining Open-space teaching and learning and use of highly contemporary film resources. A recent session in the Teaching Grid also allowed David to pilot the use of 'student-as-researcher' and 'student-as-teacher' models which were well received.

David has additionally developed interactive online learning materials to support students. A colleague states “David has made a major contribution to the development of the department’s virtual learning environment”. He has facilitated collaborative learning through the use of an online forum which also provided further guidance and support. He is especially interested in the use of e-portfolios to document student language learning and to enhance students' professional development. He is part of a group of partner universities who share common experiences of implementing e-portfolios and best practice in the harnessing of VLEs for language learning. David also helped to create the French Department's Peer Mentoring Scheme, which is now in its second year.

David contributes to the Teaching Excellence Blog and also writes a blog on his research and teaching which can be found at:

David's Warwick webpage can be found at:

students say...

David is an inspirational tutor and lecturer who motivates students through his personal approach to teaching

staff say...

David is a superb university teacher who combines exacting standards with excellent interpersonal skills and well-thought out teaching techniques