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Adam Slavny: School of Law

Adam Slavny
Adam has had a substantial teaching role in the school; as a seminar tutor on a core undergraduate first-year module, assistant Mooting Officer and a tutor and mentor on the University's programme ‘Pathways to Law’. In all three roles his teaching has attracted high praise from both staff and students.

The challenge of teaching approximately 150 first-year students in 10 seminar groups is one area where staff have remarked on Adam’s commitment, ability and enthusiasm.

Rather than rely on the tried and tested, he has introduced innovations such as performance and narrative teaching elements to foster imaginative and critical engagement. His meticulous approach to planning, innate ability to empathise with students and level of support he offers has also been recognised and applauded.

students say...

Adam actively encourages critical analysis and participation from the whole group

I never left a seminar feeling unsure or confused about the subject

staff say...

Adam is a highly accomplished teacher of immense skill and inspires trust, confidence and enthusiasm in his students