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Luke Taylor: MOAC Doctoral Training Centre & Warwick Medical School

Luke Taylor
Luke has been a demonstrator, an honorary clinical education fellow, module leader and a mentor for an MSc project student across a number of departments whilst studying for his PhD.

Staff have commented on how Luke has “thrived in a multidisciplinary environment” highlighting his ability to develop and inspire learning in students from different disciplines, backgrounds and abilities.

Luke was invited to become module leader for a pre-sessional math course for students with diverse scientific backgrounds. He co-ordinated the programme and collaborated with peers to design and facilitate the programme. Here his ability to bond with students and motivate them throughout, shone through, and was supported by very positive feedback from students. Luke also tutored as a clinical education fellow for interdisciplinary graduate medical students. Here Luke demonstrated his ability to engage with the students, and invoke keen discussion on relevant medicine, to facilitate their learning and interest in a subject that was not their specialty.

The diverse teaching roles that Luke has undertaken coupled with the positive feedback received is a testament to his commitment and adaptive pedagogy skills.

staff say...

Luke excels in teaching activities where he has to explain concepts to students who have a different perspective and background

His enthusiasm for people and the subject matter is precisely what makes him excel in teaching

I shall miss Luke’s enthusiasm, competence, teaching skill and leadership