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Andrew Tyler: Department of Philosophy

Andrew Tyler
As a seminar tutor, Andrew is driven to facilitate the students’ understanding of complex and difficult texts through collaborative, active and critical engagement.

He challenges himself with the aim to keep his sessions ‘fresh and urgent’ and by introducing a contemporary outlook-; he has enabled students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to unite and work collaboratively.

Andrew’s dedication to his students is demonstrated by his level of support, which includes creating materials, organising extra sessions and meeting with individual students as well as his extremely detailed written feedback. One student said “whenever we had questions, it would be him that we would contact first due to his incredible willingness to help his students and the quality of his support”.

A colleague states that “his love of the subject and ability to relate it to the life and concrete environment of the students, combined with his exceptional intellect, have translated into what I think is an almost perfect student experience”.

students say...

Discussions were of such a high quality that nobody complained about the additional reading!

Andrew has succeeded in creating a fascinating learning environment

staff say...

Andrew was an inspiration to students and the feedback he got was impressive