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Paul Whitehouse: English & Comparative Literature Studies

Paul Whitehouse
Paul is a seminar tutor for the ‘Modes of Reading’. His primary teaching goal is the creation of an unpretentious, good-humoured and thought-provoking learning environment which fosters trust between students and the tutor and ultimately encourages students to push the boundaries of their learning. Student and staff nominators make it very clear that he has achieved this aim.

Paul uses highly innovative teaching methods to support the different learning styles of his students. For example when exploring Marxist literary criticism, he introduced a kinaesthetic activity where groups were given an object and discussed it using Marxist terminology.

Colleagues and students have also identified the additional learning resources that he creates as being an outstanding element of his teaching. As one student says “he goes the extra mile to prepare interesting worksheets that contain accessible examples from popular culture which help to illuminate difficult theoretical perspectives”. The support he offers to students and colleague is also above and beyond that expected

students say...

I often walk out of Paul's seminars with the feeling that I am doing the best degree in the world

The group is constantly occupied in animated debate with a lively discussion surrounding what can be an incredibly difficult subject

staff say...

Paul is a very passionate and inspiring teacher, his students are often so motivated and engaged in his seminars that they are reluctant to leave!