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Rebecca Wills: Department of Chemistry

Rebecca Wills
Rebecca has been demonstrating for the last three years in the Chemistry department. This in itself is acknowledgement of her expertise as demonstrators are usually invited to teach for just one year.

In her demonstrating she is required to give a presentation at the start of the class. A nominator states “the standard approach is for demonstrators to give a list of instructions with some practical suggestions. However Rebecca has transformed this into an excellent interactive mini-lecture”. She utilises a mix of diagrams, physical demonstrations, questioning, and also uses real-life examples to illustrate how theory is applied. Another nominator observed, “it was striking to see how she was able to recognise the diverse student learning needs and make her mini-lecture extremely engaging”.

Staff and students appreciate how she goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to fully profit from the laboratory experience. She takes time to discuss experiments with individuals and even runs additional data analysis sessions. Typical students’ comments include “Rebecca is an excellent demonstrator” and “she is motivational and supportive”.

students say...

Rebecca was motivational, supportive and every person who walked out the lab at the end of the day commented on how fantastic she was

staff say...

I have yet to see such an enthusiastic, motivated and inspiring demonstrator that has the ability to engage students”