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Selin Cooper: School of Life Sciences

SCSelin has been a demonstrator for 2 years in the Microbiology labs as well as being involved in the supervision of student projects and an Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme (URSS) mentor.

Her teaching ability has been recognised by both staff and students. To quote her module leader “I always put Selin in charge of the second lab as I am absolutely confident that she will manage the class, achieve its aims and enthuse and inspire the students.” Selin also tasks herself with bringing back the excitement of learning science to lab classes and as one student says “she is infectiously enthusiastic about science”.

Selin overarching aim is to ensure that students develop a scientific mind-set with a strong questioning approach, and the ability to engage with the whole scientific process. To be successful in this she sees her role as a teaching role in which one needs to engage all students regardless of their motivation and ability. She is careful to take into account the different approaches students have to learning, their levels of understanding and their willingness to ask and answer questions. A particular strength is her ability to challenge and stimulate the students to think deeper about the subject. To quote a student “she ensures that every student understands the topic well before leaving, she is an outstanding demonstrator”.

students say...

Most helpful and encouraging instructor encountered so far

It was thanks to Selin that I was able to surpass my supervisor’s expectations

staff say...

Selin has proven herself to be an exceptional demonstrator

Her inclusive approach ensures that she caters for all students