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Timothy Dodsworth: School of Law

Timothy DodsworthTim is a seminar tutor for Contract Law, a particularly technical and challenging subject which many students struggle with. His starting point is to bring the subject to life, by encouraging students to evaluate real-life situations and by role-playing scenarios. The application of what they learnt during the seminar to everyday situations puts law into context, indeed into a central position, motivating them through awareness of the intrinsic necessity to develop critical, analytical and communication skills. A tablet PC is an integral part of his teaching which he uses to enhance engagement and interactivity by bringing live media e.g. current news and online surveys into his seminars.

His innovative approaches have been very much appreciated by his students and as his module leader states “Tim is one of the few tutors who is really successful in engaging almost every student he teaches!”

Tim has also been very successful in motivating students beyond the classroom environment. Under his guidance and encouragement students have formed their own discussion groups exploring topics more deeply and developing specific questions for the seminars. Groups of students with similar questions are invited to discuss these with Tim during office hours and a student says “the meeting of our group in your office encouraged me to read and study more than I have ever done”.

students say...

Please continue to innovate teaching methods for the continual benefit of the students

Role-playing really brings the seminars to life

staff say...

Every students was thus engaged in the seminar

It’s rare to see a tutor as passionate and caring about his students”