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Eyre Hover: Engineering

Eyre HoverEyre has been teaching since she started her Engineering PhD three years ago and has now been involved in a range of teaching experiences including laboratory sessions, on-site practical skills (Surveying), and developing the teaching skills of other PhD demonstrators.

She sees her primary goal as providing the students with the course content in a manner that they can understand and can continue to apply after the class. She therefore encourages students to move beyond the ‘cook book approach’ to practical classes to engage fully with the experiment and the underpinning theories. Students are also encouraged to reflect on the practical skills that they have gained and how they might be further applied.

Inclusivity is at the forefront of her teaching philosophy. In order to facilitate understanding she responds to the students as individuals adapting to their learning approaches and abilities. For example, she has adapted the briefs at the start of the laboratory classes to include visual and practical elements to engage and motivate the students.

Staff and students have commented on the level of support she offers to students. As a colleague says, “On many occasions she has remained with a student after everyone else has finished, patiently working with them until they complete the exercise”.

students say...

Very nice and kind. Made the exercise seem easier and more approachable"

staff say...

Eyre is an outstanding individual with considerable teaching ability”

“Eyre’s teaching is of a very high standard, very clear and well planned”