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Simon Parker: Warwick Business School

SP2Simon is a seminar tutor in the Warwick Business School. Feedback on his seminars is extremely positive with comments such as “His approach was unique, engaging the whole class with thought-provoking exercises - unlike any other seminar I have attended to date” and “each seminar was thoroughly engaging and interactive, whilst at the same time extremely focussed on covering all of the module content”.

He has developed a number of innovative seminar teaching methods. One example is his ‘post bureaucracy’ seminar where he entrusted the class with the responsibility of organising and conducting the session. A student reported that the seminar “opened our eyes to the many pitfalls of the theory, inspiring us to critically evaluate the concept by bringing it to life.” This is just one example of how Simon brings to life his teaching philosophy of students as producers; where power and privilege is granted to the thoughts and insights undergraduate students can offer.

A common theme of the student nominators’ comments was about Simon’s ability to create a supportive learning environment both in and outside of the classroom. He recognises that students can have different learning preferences and draws upon a variety of techniques to support their learning. He also gives time outside of the classroom to ensure that students had the support necessary to fully grasp and get the most out of the course material.

students say...

He injects energy into his seminars to make sure that, although we are different with varying outlooks, we can connect with the passion he has for the subject and be more willing to get involved and participate in group learning

He made me think about things that I had never considered before, broadening my knowledge and intrigue for learning.

staff say...

Simon is one of the strongest and most dedicated seminar leaders I have had the pleasure to work with.