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Victoria Turner: French Studies

Vicky TurnerVicky has had a substantial teaching role in the department, having taught across 6 different modules in the last academic year. Her fundamental goal is to enable all her students to develop a love of the subject by first initiating, and then nurturing the spark of enthusiasm.

As a medievalist, one of the challenges has been how to make her subject area relevant to twenty-first century students and she draws upon concrete artefacts, manuscript illuminations and contemporary analogies to bring the subject to life.

She is a strong advocate of student-centered learning, being guided as much by what the students do know when they enter the classroom as what they do not. As a colleague states “however little students feel they know, she positions them as experts through well-structured questions and activities that entice engagement by appealing in the first instance to their own experiences and expertise”.

She has taken inspiration from the childhood game Consequences to create an innovative approach for developing students essay writing skills. Students work in small groups to construct a section of an essay and then pass their writing onto the next group, who read and critique it before assessing how to continue. Students therefore develop their skills in a creative and collaborative environment where they fully engage with the question ‘what makes a successful essay?’.

students say...

She made every class engaging, setting an achievable amount of work and giving clear feedback to written assignments.

Vicky is an inspiring lecturer and seminar leader who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in supporting all her students

staff say...

She is an extremely versatile teacher who is prepared to take risks to challenge students intellectually whilst ensuring that students of every level are able to develop meaningful responses to the material