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Steven Wright: Computer Science

SWSteven is a seminar tutor and teaches laboratory classes in the Department of Computer Science. It is testament to his abilities that he was given the responsibility for organising three sets of lab classes and also entrusted to design and set course assignments. He even took it upon himself to develop additional coursework assignments to further develop the students’ skills after reflecting on his own experiences of the taught courses. As his nominator points out “Steven has invariably won the praise of staff and students for his contributions to teaching, particularly for his exceptional ability to create engaging coursework assignments and software projects”

Steven’s focus for his teaching is on concept discovery and the sharing of ideas in order for students to develop a rigorous understanding of the subject. He firmly believes that by creating a relaxed environment where there is a sense of equality between students and teachers, the students are empowered to ask and answer question and discuss problems in depth.

Steven has had a major impact on the department’s activities with his technical innovations in laboratory teaching. He wrote the software required for students to develop hardware projects using the latest ARM microprocessor technology. This meant that students with no experience in microprogramming were able to engage with the latest technology and gain an understanding of systems engineering principles, whilst those who were more confident could stretch themselves against the challenging projects that Steven has personally designed.

students say...

I wanted to produce a piece of work that replicated the time and effort that he had spent in organising, and helping me to understand and truly engage with the topics covered

staff say...

His contributions have directly facilitated improvements to the modules of several degree courses and these would have not been possible without his involvement.”

“Steven is known for holding students to the highest academic standard but is also highly regarded by students for the
support he provides to help them surpass that standard.”