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Dragana Pavlovic: Statistics

dragana_pavlovic_final.jpgDragana has been teaching in university for five years, assisting with modules related to Statistics, Applied Mathematics and Discrete Mathematics. More recently, she has been teaching in the Department of Statistics and the Business School of Warwick University, covering laboratory sessions, workshops and marking.

Dragana’s teaching philosophy is founded on three key concepts: enthusiasm, a positive learning environment and critical thinking. Her ultimate teaching goal is to help her students in the development of scientific thinking by breaking down key concepts, and by discussing the limitations of each method in real life situations.

Both staff and students commented positively on her teaching ability and her dedication as a tutor.

students say...

Dragana is without doubt the best seminar teacher I've had this year. She is calm, easy to comprehend and follow and she tries to have an open discussion with the class when we go through the questions”.