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James Massey: Economics

james_massey_final.jpg​James’ approach to teaching approach combines the blending of the logic one would expect from a mathematical background, with the ability to explain tricky concepts on an intuitive level. James’ approach ensures that there are high levels of interaction in his classes and is always happy to act as a facilitator to enable students to shine.

James is keen to ensure that student learning is contextualized within the “bigger picture” and designs student learning opportunities to ensure that the key concepts are covered, whilst at the same time enabling students to explore beyond the basics of the concepts they are engaging with.

Having been at Warwick since his undergraduate days, James is enjoying the opportunity to give something back to the university. He is keen to ensure that the student experience is an excellent one and that he contributes to the high standards of teaching in the department.

students say...

very good class tutor. We always finish our set of questions and this includes time for us to ask questions about certain points in the examples. Easy to understand and willing to explain his reasoning if ever not clear”

Very good tutor. To the point, and uses lots of his own examples if people are struggling. Good class interaction”.