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Jamie Young: Chemistry

jamie_young_final.jpgJamie has been a demonstrator in the Chemistry Department for 2 years. His enthusiasm for teaching is well known, with a colleague commenting that “Jamie would run a marathon to do any form of teaching” He is committed to supporting his students to enable them to build confidence in the laboratory and to fully engage with the experiments and their underlying principles.

He is committed to ensure that he creates a relaxed but engaged learning environment, and clearly communicates his passion for the subject to his students. Jamie’s ability to bring the subject to life by asking thought provoking questions of his students enables them to engage more deeply with the concept rather than being intimidated by the experimental procedures.

Jamie’s commitment to his teaching is evident in the way he is always willing to go the extra mile to support students beyond the lab. He ensures each student has the ability to contact him so that wherever possible he can provide support when the students need it. . .

students say...

The demonstrator, Jamie was so passionate and involved with his subject. He was inspirational and asked really interesting questions that made one consider and learn”

Jamie is a fantastic demonstrator, very clear and made it fun”