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Laura Wood: English & Comparative Literature

laura_wood_final2.jpgLaura is extremely passionate about her subject, and has found that teaching is an excellent opportunity to share this passion. Her dedication and enthusiasm have been consistently highlighted in her feedback and this manifests itself in seminars that are highly interactive with students who are thoroughly engaged with the topics.

Laura aims to make her seminars relaxed and informal to encourage students to feel comfortable and confident in sharing their ideas and perspectives. She encourages students to see texts from a whole new perspective by enabling them to tease out the nuances in the texts and to engage with it in a new way. She has also been involved in teaching on the Warwick year 12 summer school for gifted sixth formers.

Her teaching philosophy is about making sure everyone has a voice and she prides herself on being approachable and supportive to ensure that voice is heard.

students say...

Well researched and knowledgeable of her subject, extremely passionate and friendly. I love her informal style of seminar teaching, it is very engaging and inclusive”

Taught with great enthusiasm and a deep knowledge and understanding and has given some of the most enjoyable and interesting seminars I have taken part in”