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Natalie Byrom: Law

natalie_byrom_final.jpgNatalie has experience of teaching a number of modules in the Law School. She has been praised by staff and students alike for her hard work, enthusiasm and commitment to improving the student experience.

She has always been keen to engage and involve students by ensuring that their feedback is incorporated in to improving her teaching and consequently their learning experience. Natalie designed her own anonymous feedback mechanism to help first year students to express what was most useful to them in the seminars she led and adapted her practice accordingly.

Natalie incorporates innovative pedagogic techniques into her seminars to encourage students to hone their skills in critical thinking, including the use of multimedia, role plays and in class filming and incorporating resources from the arts and philosophy to engage her students.

students say...

there should be an extra category of ‘good’ namely that is even better than ‘Very Good’. Natalie would fall in to this category for both her approachability and her encouragement of participation. She makes learning fun and non-stressful. Any student would be privileged to be taught by her”.