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Philip Gaydon: Philosophy/Learning Grid

philip_gaydon_final.jpgPhil was seminar tutor for three modules in the philosophy department, he also created and trained others in leading group sessions on Prezi, screen flow and story boarding for the learning grid and worked closely with IATL to develop an Open-Space learning workshop on childhood and death. He was a core part of the department’s new initiative to encourage research students to engage primary and secondary school children with philosophy.

A common theme to this diverse range of teaching activities is Phil’s desire to ensure his students (be they 10 or 30 years old) enjoyed philosophy and engaged in learning through this enjoyment that maximized student autonomy and ownership of thought.

Phil has implemented various innovative techniques such as mock trials and a physical graph plotting the emotional reactions to a children’s book on death. Outside the university Phil is just as passionate and his teaching receives similarly positive feedback. His enthusiasm and student focused approach clearly inspired the year five children when they wrote “we have had a lovely time with Phil and we love our sessions. We will miss Phil and Philosophy!!!!!!!!” .

students say...

Phil makes philosophy come alive for students and he has adapted open space learning methodologies in new ways”