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Robert Bird: Computer Science

​Robert has taught on more than 10 modules in his time at the university, including being invited to teach outside of his department. He is known for his ability to build strong relationships with students to encourage them in their learning.

He is both a mentor and an ambassador and is regularly called upon to represent his department both internally and externally. He has contributed to the national curriculum for computer science and has run courses aimed at educating teachers.

In his role as mentor Robert has successfully supported students who have experienced challenging circumstances, and has helped to inspire students to produce work that excels even their own expectations.

It is clear that Robert is passionate about his teaching and relishes the opportunity it provides to enrich the educational experience of his students.

students say...

Having Robert as a mentor has been wonderful. It’s helped me so much…He’s someone I knew I could always ask for help, no matter how silly I thought the problem was or how much time it took us to work through things”