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Clare Siviter: Modern Languages and Cultures

claresiviterIn her French language seminars Clare was keen to enhance the students’ skillset not only for their academic lives at Warwick, but to prepare them linguistically and culturally for their upcoming year abroad and life beyond higher education, thinking particularly about the unique proficiencies students of Modern Languages have to offer in an increasingly globalised world.

She was particularly keen to link translation to contemporary events in France to enhance the students’ understanding and to engage them with wider questions offered by the texts. When it came to grammar, which several students struggled with, Clare invented interactive games and mini-tests to help the students practice difficult structures. This allowed each seminar to be tailored to the requirements of the students, rendering every seminar unique. The students believed this was ‘great teaching’, and feedback included comments such as ‘I have learnt a lot from these classes – I feel more confident’ and better comprehension.

Having been at Warwick since her undergraduate degree, Clare used her own experience and that of her cohort now beyond Warwick to inform her seminar teaching.

colleagues say...

Clare is an enthusiastic and inspirational teacher who, at the very start of her teaching career, has demonstrated the capacity to support students with a range of learning needs. Clare has a relaxed but engaging teaching style which enables students to contribute without fear of making mistakes. Such a teaching style is essential in the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages, where teaching is generally conducted in the target language, and where students can be afraid of making linguistic errors at the same time as errors concerning themes for discussion."