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WATEPGR Timetable and Forms 2014/15

Activity Date
Scheme launches 27 Feburary
Stage 1  

Nomination deadline 

Wednesday 25 March
Announcement of stage 1 finalists Early July 2015
Stage 2  
Deadline for finalists supporting statements
finalists supporting statements forms
notes for finalists
31 August 2015
Winners and Commendees announced Start of 2015/16 academic year

Criteria for the awards

How has the postgraduate tutor or demonstrator

  1. motivated, inspired and engaged students
  2. created a supportive learning environment that recognises diverse student needs


Further Information

If you have any questions or would like further information on any aspect of the awards, please contact:

The Learning and Development Centre
Senate House
Ext. 50413
watepgr at warwick dot ac dot uk