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Principles and Benefits

What is Personal Development Review (PDR)?

PDR is designed to be an open, constructive and a positive experience for all.

PDR provides a framework to:

  • Guide regular, constructive conversations between reviewees and reviewers in relation to an individual’s role, development, contributions, and career aspirations
  • Align individual contributions and goals to support the development of departments and the wider University

Core Principles of PDR

The underlying principles upon which PDR is based follow good practice in the sector and are set out below.

It is anticipated that review conversations will:

  • Provide the opportunity for open, constructive conversations between reviewees and reviewers
  • Take place at regular intervals throughout the year, rather than solely on an annual basis
  • Ensure there are no surprises for reviewee or reviewer by emphasising the need for careful, transparent and timely preparation
  • Give equal weight to conversations around development, achievements, contributions, and career aspirations
  • Be informal but allow for structured conversations that encourage open discussion
  • Lead to the identification of essential and viable development needs for the reviewee in the short, medium and longer term
  • Clarify agreed work goals
  • Ensure that the dignity of both individuals in the PDR conversation are provided for
  • Be captured in an appropriate format for ease of future reference

Diversity and Inclusion

The University’s commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I), contained in the Diversity and Inclusion Policy states that:

The promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion concerns all of us and is the responsibility of all members of our community. It is expected that we will all contribute to ensuring that the University of Warwick continues to be a safe, welcoming and productive environment, where there is equality of opportunity, fostered in an environment of mutual respect and dignity.

The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognising our individual differences. We understand that simply having diversity in our work force and student body is not enough; we must create an inclusive environment where all people can contribute and reach their full potential.

PDR has a significant role to play in encouraging staff to reach their full potential. The University ensures that all staff are offered equal access to PDR and asks each member of staff to familiarise themselves with the scheme and their individual responsibilities.

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team are available if any individual wishes to discuss any issue in relation to Equality Legislation or Protect Characteristics, or an issue with regards to ED&I. The ED&I team have implemented a Disability Framework as well as initiatives relating to Charter Marks to ensure inclusion for all staff.

Disability Framework – Enables an individual to disclose and discuss the nature of their disability and what support (Reasonable Adjustment) might be appropriate with their Line Manager and HR Advisor.

Athena SWAN Charter Mark - Looks at the gender representation in departments at Warwick. Warwick currently holds a Silver Institutional Athena award, with many departments holding or working towards Bronze or Silver awards.

Race Equality Charter Mark – The Charter mark aims to inspire a strategic approach to making cultural and systemic changes that will make a real difference to minority ethnic staff.

Stonewall Workplace Equality Index - is the definitive benchmarking tool which allows us to measure our progress on lesbian, gay, bi and trans inclusion at Warwick.

If prior to your PDR you wish to discuss any of the above, please contact your HR Link Advisor who will be able to confidentially advise you.

Q&A discussion

You may wish to view the recording below, which is a discussion highlighting the key principles and benefits of the PDR process.