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Researcher Networks: Education

Education Researchers’ Network (ERN)


Mairi-Ann Cullen - CEDAR

Elisabeth Arweck - Centre for Education Studies

Richard Sutcliffe - Centre for Education Studies

ERN List of Researcher Interests

If you would like to add your name and details to the ERN list of researchers, to enable communication and collaboration, please email Lisa Lavender [] with the relevant information.

CES and CEDAR are working together to organise the Education Researchers' Network (ERN) aiming to provide a forum for researchers who work on educational topics, supporting the professional development of education researchers across the footprint of education studies at the University of Warwick. The network can be a way to share findings, methodological knowledge and best practice in educational research.

We hope that this network will complement the Centre for Education Studies' Hub and Spoke operational model in providing further networking and development opportunities to support interdisciplinary working. This will hopefully lead to cross departmental research bids and a way to jointly explore Research Impact.

The second meeting this year will be on Thursday 26th March, 12.15-13.45 in the Wolfson Research Exchange (3rd floor, library).

The meeting will centre around an exercise comparing REF Impact Case Studies in relation to Warwick's Education submission. Agenda(PDF Document)

Further details and a link for attendance can be found on the ERN webpage: 

The Education Research Network (ERN) - Networking Lunch
Recent meetings: Tuesday 23rd April 2013, 12.15-2.00pm

Aim: To discuss how the group can develop going forward including the development of a website link to share and build awareness of research interests and to have lunch, socialise and share ideas.

Sandy Sparks from the Learning and Development Centre spoke about how LDC can support research staff with networking (and in many other areas) and how other networking groups have developed across the university. Presentation file (Powerpoint Presentation)

With a view to collating names, contact details and research interests here is a table for ERN members/attendees to fill in (Word Document). Please complete this and email it to . We are hoping to add this information to the ERN website link soon.

Thursday 30th May, Room 1, Wolfson Research Exchange, 12.15-1.50pm.

MEETING NOTES: Thanks to those who attended this meeting, it was hugely valuable and stimulated discussion, encouraging thnking about future research and networks across departments and faculties. We heard excellent informal presentations from:

* Psychology: Julia Carroll spoke about her research projects focussing on reading and language development (

* CEDAR: Ana Teresa Brito spoke about her research on training practices in Early Childhood Intervention in the United Kingdom and Portugal, (

* WRERU, Institute of Education: Elisabeth Arweck discussed her involvement in research titled 'Young People’s Attitudes towards Religious Diversity' (

Thursday 20th June - Room 1, Wolfson Research Exchange, 12.15-1.50pm.

MEETING NOTES: Thanks to those who attended, a valuable meeting once again. We heard informal presentations from:

* Warwick Medical School: Jane Kidd shared her ongoing analysis of the selection of medical students at Warwick (;

* Learning and Development Centre: Jess Humphreys spoke about her research on widening participation, the potential use of technology enhanced learning and delivering professional development training to postgraduate researchers (;

* Institute of Education: Sue Wilder-Johnston discussed her recent research on 'mathematical resilience' in potential coaches ( See conference paper (Word Document) for more info.

Thursday 25th July - Room 3, Wolfson Research Exchange, 12.15-1.50pm.

MEETING NOTES: Thanks to those who shared their research:

* Learning and Development Centre: Emma King discussed her reseearch on Warwick University staff and e-learning (;

* Wawick Medical School: David Davies shared his research on the training and professionalsation of clinical officers in Malwai and Tanzania and the particular interests of his PhD supervisees (see for more details);

* Warwick Institute of Education: Jo Trowsdale spoke abut her research on arts, culture and education (

August 2013: No Meeting

Tuesday 24th September - Room 1, Wolfson Research Exchange, 12.15-2pm

The theme for the session is professionals and professionalism and Penny Smith will give a short presentation about her research on the lay/professional relationship in school governing bodies.
Others are also encouraged to present informally on this theme from other perspectives. Please let us know if you'd like to do this, or with any ideas for future gatherings.

Please join us for this networking lunch, new members from across departments and faculties always welcome to share research with an educational focus.

To ensure all are catered for could you please let us know if you can attend by emailing Caroline White:

Tuesday 22nd October - Room 2, Wolfson Research Exchange, 12.15-2pm

MEETING NOTES: For October’s ERN meeting, Ben Carpenter from the Social Return on Investment Network (SROI) presented on ‘WikiVois’, an approach to understanding and accounting for social value created by an activity or an organisation. It was a very interesting session which generated a good discussion. Ben acknowledged that WikiVois was work in process but SROI will be launching a new WikiVois website in December with new features and improved functionality. Ben would be happy to return in the New Year if ERN wanted to revisit this topic after the new website is launched. A member of ERN who has used WikiVois in their research will be sharing the process with ERN at a future meeting.

See the current SROI website at: See Ben's powerpoint slides here (Powerpoint Presentation)