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E-mail list

E-mail everybody who who might come to an RSF meeting

E-mail everybody on the Research Staff Forum and other meeting attendees using this link, here (a semi-colon separated list) or for the older versions of Mozilla Thunderbird, here (comma separated list).

This will copy-to (CC) e-mail everybody. If you need to edit this page then please keep the order logical. This is currently: CRS members, other members, other people, and finally potential and ex members, with the separate lists being in alphabetical order. Thunderbird now works with semi-colon separated lists so we can get rid of the latter one soon because it will be annoying to maintain both.

Access to this page is restricted to members or the RSF through the ap-rsf web group. You can find out who is on it by following this link and selecting 'list them' for the ap-rsf group.