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List of departmental representatives

There are three categories of attendees: contract research staff, other members of the University and invited staff.

Research and other contract staff

Department Total Research-only headcount for Dept as at Sept. 2017 RSF rep
Centre for Applied Linguistics 1  
Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal & Research 4 Elizabeth Arweck
Centre for Globalisation and Regionalisation 5  
Centre for Study of the Renaissance 1  
Chemistry 54 Luis Perdigao
Classics & Ancient History 4  
Computer Science 8  
Economics 6  
English and Comparative Literary Studies 3  
Film and Television Studies 1  
French Studies 3  
History 11 Angela Davis
History of Art 1  
Institute for Employment Research 18 Yuxin Li
Institute of Advanced Study 5 Rachel Hitchcox / Rebecca Vipond
Institute of Education 11
Italian 1  
Life Sciences (incl. WHRI/Bio Sci) 104 Robert Huckstepp & Stephen Jackson
Mathematics 23  
Philosophy 3 Alisa Mandrigin 
Physics 59 Aruni Fonseka / Reza Jalilikashtiban
Politics & International Studies 5 Catherine Jones
Psychology 6 Nicole Baumann
School of Engineering 23 Sarah Lewis
School of Law 2 Sharifah Sekalala
Note: Rep. Research Committee
School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies 2  
Sociology 4  
Statistics 7  
Systems Biology Centre 18  
WMG 46 Vannessa Goodship, Sumit Hazra or Beth Middleton, Helen Ascroft
Warwick Business School 19  
Warwick Medical School
Rebecca Johnson Siew
Wan Hee

Network Leads

Research Staff Network Leads are also invited to the forum. Please click here to see a list of our current Newtork Leads.

Other members of the University



Pro Vice-Chancellor - Research

Professor Pam Thomas






Human Resources Adviser

Liz Harrison

Learning and Development Adviser (Research Staff)

Sandy Sparks

Library - Academic Support Manager (Research)

Equality and Diversity Adviser, Human Resources

Sandra Beaufoy