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Research Staff Profile - Nick Monk

nm.jpg  Nick Monk
Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning.
Tel: 024 761 50528

Current Research
At present, researching interdisciplinary pedagogies.

Life before Warwick
Academic Writing Tutor, Rutgers, New Jersey, US. Before that, a manager in the construction industry.

Best things about working at Warwick
We have great freedom to experiment in teaching and research.

Worst thing about working for Warwick or If you could change one thing at Warwick, what would it be?
More money in the system and more job security would be nice.

What people are surprised to learn about me…
I used to run building sites.

What would you dream job be?
The one I have, with twice the money, half the hours, and a contract until I retire!

Research interest
‘Third spaces’ between ideas, disciplines, but most importantly, between research and teaching. I also have an edited collection out in July on Cormac McCarthy.

What have been useful training/ development to date
We don’t spend enough time as researchers just sharing our experiences. I’ve most enjoyed the kind of training that allows this to happen in ways that are structured and productive, but allow a degree of freedom. I really enjoyed the recent sessions on networking and ‘brainstorming’ organised for research staff.

Other roles (eg. peer review journals)
I review book proposals for Intellect Books, and review published books for the Journal of the British Association of American Studies.

Next bid/grant
I don’t know exactly, but something to do with the ‘big society’ perhaps? Or not!

Latest academic writing publication (journal/book etc)
Monk, Nicholas, Carol Chillington Rutter, Jonothan Neelands, Jonathan Heron. Open-space Learning: a Transdisciplinary
Pedagogy. London: Bloomsbury Academic: 2011.

Major achievement to date
I’m proud of my books, but proudest of my Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence in 2009.

Three top tips / learning
• To paraphrase Plutarch, ‘the mind does not require filling like a bottle, but kindling like a fire’.
• ‘Genuine education comes about through experience’. (John Dewey).
• ‘Fail again, fail better’. (Samuel Beckett).