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Research Active Staff (RAS): Public Engagement - Evaluating Your Public Engagement Activity


Evaluating your public engagement activity is always best practice. It’s vital if you are ever going to want to use your activity as part of a REF Impact Case Study, however even if you think you aren’t you can still gain a lot from effective evaluation. In this session we’ll explore setting aims and objectives for your activity, different methods for evaluation, and how to choose the right one for you. We’ll also touch on good evaluation questions, survey design and how to maximise response rates.

Who should attend?

University of Warwick Research Active Staff (Research focussed, Teaching focussed and Research & Teaching contracts) and PhD Students.

Workshop enables attendees to:

  • Understand and define your public engagement aims and objectives
  • Have a broad overview of evaluation methods available to you
  • Understand what information you need to capture if you’re thinking about REF Impact (we’ll give a general overview and can follow up specifically with one on one advice as this can vary)
  • Understand the key aspects of good survey design and question design (for a lay audience at a public engagement event)

Feedback and quotes from the previous 'Evaluating your Public Engagement Activity' workshop:

Feedback from the 23 May 2018 cohort

Led by:
Lucy Horrocks and Alison Phillips, Engagement Coordinators, Engagement Group

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Workshop Details:




Any questions?

Workshop content: 
Lucy Horrocks or Alison Phillips
Engagement Coordinators
Engagement Group

Sandy Sparks
Learning and Development Advisor for RAS, LDC
Ext: 74121

Workshop arrangements:
Jane Cooper 
Administrative Assistant
Ext: 24893