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Planning your Publication Strategy: Conferences

(A collaboration between Student Careers and Skills and The Library)

This series of workshops looks in detail at different types of publications researchers may wish to consider. The sessions will focus on choosing between publication venues, the pros and cons on each type of publication and hints and tips on how to successfully publish with each one.

The series builds on the foundation provided in the ‘Planning your Publication Strategy: The Essentials’ session and will provide additional sections to the workbook introduced in the Essentials session.

Who should attend?
Research Active Staff (research, academic or teaching terms and conditions of employment) and PhD Students.

Workshop Objectives:
By the end of the session you will have:

  • Investigated a range of tools to discover the latest conferences in your subject area.
  • Discussed the different options available to you to use a conference to promote and disseminate your work and how they might differ from other types of publication.
  • Discussed aspects of networking while at a conference and shared hints and tips about getting the most from a conference.

Led by:

Yvonne Budden, Head of Scholarly Communications, The Library



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Planning your Punlication Strategy: Conferences

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