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1-1 Support Opportunities for Research Active Staff (RAS)

LDC is committed to providing Research Active Staff (Research focussed, Teaching focussed and Research & Teaching contracts) with the right kind of learning and development opportunities and support RAS needs. In addition to the RAS programme of funding and events/workshops/programmes we are currently providing the funding for individual 1-1 support with the aim of providing focused / specific support to meet RAS needs. The 1-1 support is funded by LDC, RAS.

Academic Writing Support

With the continued success of the Academic Writing Programme; the workshop programme and academic writing retreat, LDC is providing funding for Research Active Staff to benefit from individual support. These sessions can be used to consult an academic writing expert on your academic writing challenges, such as existing draft applications, producing a piece of work from existing research or more broadly, planning your research/writing strategies. It does not provide a proof-reading service.
If you are interested in booking a 1-1 session please complete the booking form

Career Development Support

Research Active Staff can request a 1-1 career support to assist RAS with CV advice, career planning, preparing for interviews, mock interviews or career development. LDC is providing funding for expert career advisor(s).
If you are interested in booking a 1-1 session please complete the booking form

Coaching and Mentoring Support

RAS also have the opportunity for 1-1 coaching and or mentoring support to enhance your performance, learning or development. The coach’s role is to help you to articulate your goals and how you will set about achieving them. A mentor’s role is to draw on their experience, expertise and knowledge to advise and guide a less experienced person in order to enhance their performance or support their development.
If you are interested in booking a session please complete the booking form

Specialist 1-1's Support

Three specialist 1-1's are available to all RAS. These are:

- Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue)
RAS Emotional Intelligence uses the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue)
LDC buy TEIQue from EI World
More EI information on TEIQue

Further self directed information

- Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
MBTI is a self-assessment. It is a questionnaire that assesses your personality type and highlights your preferences by placing you into one of sixteen distinctive categories. The report generated by MBTI helps participants understand both themselves and how they interact/communicate with others.
Further Information
If you are interested in booking a 1-1 session please complete the booking form

- Strengths Profile
The Strengths Profile is a questionnaire designed to identify the things that you are naturally good at and enjoy, as well as those things you are less good at. A useful tool to assist with career development and planning.
Further Information.
If you are interested in booking a 1-1 session please complete the booking form

No Show/Cancellation Policy:
Due to limited resources, our policy on no show / cancellations is: if staff give LDC up to three working days notice the 1-1’s can be re-arranged, if staff do not attend they will forfeit the 1-1 session, unless there are extenuating circumstances. An alternative 1-1 can be re-arranged for no show / forgotten etc. sessions but the cost of the session £150 will need to be borne by the individual or the department.