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REF 2021 Impact Case Study Writing Support Programme

This programme of events is designed to offer academic colleagues a range of ways in which they can progress their impact case studies in preparation for a review in Autumn 2019. While it is acknowledged that impact will continue to develop after this time, well-articulated and fully evidenced case studies will be an expectation and the SSG will treat the November meetings as a full review of REF submissions.

The Autumn REG 2018 review considered 157 draft impact case studies across 22 units of assessment with an expectation of submitting around 105 to REF2021. The REG panel acknowledged that impact case studies were at varying stages of completion and that the development of narratives which emphasise the reach and significance of impact was a key area to support. Developed in partnership with external impact consultants, who have extensive sector-wide experience, a programme of activities will be offered in May, June and July 2019 which are designed to deliver stronger narratives.

Programme of Activities

Writing for the REF Workshop


Impact Case Study Writing Retreat / Bootcamp


One-to-one surgeries

4 hour session

2 day session

Bookable time slots

These sessions are aimed at impact case studies at an earlier stage of development, where authors may still be exploring

  • the types of evidence needed
  • the claims for impact they can legitimately make
  • the narrative they can craft.

The workshop will provide advice on writing impact case studies, delivered by an external consultant and a R&IS Research Impact Manager

These sessions are designed to support more advanced case studies.

The retreats offer structured time and space for study leads to write or rewrite narratives, alongside support from an external impact consultant and a R&IS Research Impact Manager offering specialist advice on REF and writing

Bookable slots for one-to-one advice and feedback on individual impact case studies from an external impact consultant and R&IS Research Impact Manager.

Draft case studies will be submitted in advance for consideration by consultants and written feedback will be provided following the one-to-one session.

Further information on the Workshops

Booking form

Further information on Bootcamps and Retreats

Booking form

Booking form


The sessions can be attended by any member of Warwick staff responsible for, or involved with, the writing of a potential impact case study for REF2021. Case study authors may register for more than one type of support i.e. a workshop, retreat and one-to-one.

Descriptions of each event will be made available via Warwick’s Learning and Development Centre website. Case study authors may register for an event via the LDC website or any R&IS Research Impact Manager.


Impact Directors and Heads of Department may wish to recommend attendance at specific sessions for authors working on case studies at particular points of development.


External consultants engaging with this programme of support are:

Saskia Walcott, of Walcott Communications:

Saskia Gent, of Insights for Impact:

Stephen Kemp

Further information