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Specialist One to Ones

Four specialist One to Ones have just been announced and are available to all Research Active Staff (RAS) staff, staff on (Research, Academic or Teaching term contacts and conditions). If you would like further information or to book a place on any of the specialist One to Ones click on the link attached to the appropriate One to One. If you have any queries please email either Sandy Sparks ( or Jane Cooper (

MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

MBTI is a self-assessment programme based on Jung’s theory of psychological type. It is a questionnaire that assesses your personality type and highlights to you your strengths and weaknesses by placing you into one of sixteen distinctive categories. The report generated by MBTI helps participants understand both themselves and how they interact with others. The programme is well established (60 years old) and is used world-wide to help people improve their communication skills.

For further Information and to Book a MBTI(PDF Document)One-One


A 360 review is a process which helps participants receive feedback on how other people perceive them both on a personal and professional basis (work colleague, friends and line manager).

For further Information and to book a 360 Review(PDF Document) One to One


Emotional Intelligence (TEQUie) is the ability to identify, understand and manage your personal emotions together with the emotions of others.

For further Information and to book an Emotional Intelligence(PDF Document) One to One


The R2 Strengths profile is a questionnaire designed to identify the things that you are naturally good at and enjoy, as well as those things you are less good at. A useful tool to assist with career development and planning.

For further information and to book a Strengths Profile(PDF Document) One to One